The 11 Worst Films of 2017 – The Most Controversial List You’ll See


Here at the MTR Network, we’ve looked at the winners of 2017 and the losers of 2017. But being a winner (or loser) doesn’t necessarily speak to if a film was good or bad. So what were the worst films of 2017? Well I have a list with some films that are sure to surprise you and cause some controversy.

Sure, there are some obvious films on this list. Did we really need another xXx movie? I know Vin Diesel didn’t need it for his bank account. Horror films have gotten really lazy these day and 2017 was no different. For all the talk of super hero film fatigue and "making the same movie over and over again", no one seems to complain about the generic, formulaic horror films Hollywood pumps out. And while I love that A24 giving directors space to turn their visions and pet projects into films. Sitting around for 90 minutes waiting for something to happen isn’t fun (and neither is watching someone eat pie for 5 straight minutes). Sometimes art house bullshit isn’t art that requires a deeper understanding, sometimes it’s just terrible.

So without further ado, my list of the 11 Worst Films of 2017. No one is safe. From seasoned directors to Netflix to critically praised films. Most of these should have been good films (and even were called that). But we deserved better. Damn you Hollywood!




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