‘Wonder Woman’ Spoiler Reviews


When it comes to Wonder Woman spoiler reviews, two is better than one. So we have Shanna, The Doctor, Latoya and Joi from BGN (or the MTR Amazons as they called themselves), with a spoiler review and discussion. The Doctor and Shanna first give their thoughts on the Black Panther teaser, then they get into Wonder Woman. The ladies discuss Themyscira and the joy of having a woman as director on a big budget film. 


Then for Premium members, you get a second spoiler review with Kriss and Dpalm discussing the movie. Has DC finally made a film that Dpalm can enjoy? How much of his review prediction was true? Also discussed: Why the flaws in this film don’t hurt it as much in other DCEU films. Kriss & Dpalm end talking about where the sequel should go and why despite its success, this doesn’t make them feel any better about Justice League.



Charles (Kriss)

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