Wonder Woman 1984 Spoiler Review – The Details Didn’t Matter


We were going to attach the premium audio for our Wonder Woman Spoiler Review onto the non-spoiler post but thought it better to make it separate. It’s really a shame that WW84 was so bad. It didn’t have to be. The film could have dropped Steve Trevor and Maxwell Lord out of the film and just focused on Diana and Barbara and it would have worked out just fine (and probably cut out about 20 minutes of unnecessary scenes). I’m also not understanding how a $200 million film looks this bad when it comes to CG and fight/action scenes. WW84, like the first WW, likes showing us young Diana growing up on Themyscira as a warrior. Yet her fight scenes as an adult leave a lot to be desired. Let’s be real, Harley Quinn fights better in Birds of Prey than Wonder Woman does and that’s a problem.

Premium members can listen to Ro, Kriss & Brandon dive into spoilers below on the audio. For non-premium members who want at taste of what we talk about (and some that we don’t), below I run through some of the things that left us scratching our heads after watching this film.

Some of the things that don’t make sense:

  • The Invisible Jet - When trying to escape in a jet with Steve (who inexplicably is able to fly a Jet from the 1980’s when he was a pilot in WWI), Dana is able to turn the Jet invisible because “My father was able to turn Themyscira invisible and I’ve being practicing it myself”. I’m sorry, did we miss a movie that showed Diana learning more about her father (Zeus) and exploring what powers she has since she’s part God? No? So this was literally just something they threw into this scene because the plot needed it and at no point in the rest of the movie, Batman v Superman or Justice League do we see Diana turning things invisible? It’s not like turning something invisible would have been useful in the final confrontation at the end of this movie….
  • Maxwell Lord’s Motivation - This films spends two hours and about ten minutes never explaining why Maxwell Lord. You read that right. Just why. Why does he exist? What is motivating him? How did he get to where he is? We don’t get anything about him until the very end and then you’re like “oh I get it now. Would have been nice to know that two hours ago so I cared about him.” Instead we go through most of the film just laughing at Pedro Pascal’s performance as he hams it up as Maxwell Lord with no actual connection or care about the character he’s playing.
  • Barbara turning on Diana - Kristen Wiig did a great job as Barbara, the problem is the film failed the character. WW84 goes the “Clumsy nerd girl gets wish granted to be like the popular chick” trope, throws Wiig in a tight slim black dress, makes her no longer clumsy and makes men desire her. So why is she willing to let the entire world go to hell just to keep that wish? We get a throw away line from Diana that the “cost” of Barbara’s wish is losing her humanity. But this is something the film needs to show not tell and the only way they “show” us is when Barbara beats the shit out of the drunk guy that previously tried to sexually assault her (and was trying again). Sorry, that’s not showing her losing her humanity. That’s showing her sticking up for herself. Also, how the hell did Barbara know that Steve and Diana were at the WH trying to stop Maxwell Lord? Cause they read the same script?
  • Barbara turning into Cheetah - It would have been nice if the cost for Barbara’s wish was losing her humanity and in turn the more she used her new powers the more she became feral and Cheetah like. That would have made sense. Instead, the film claims she makes another wish to be an “apex predator” or something and that’s what changes her into Cheetah. Whut?
  • Asteria’s Armor - What was the purpose of Diana putting it on? She could already “fly” without it (never really explained or used again in later movies). She apparently forgot that she turned a whole jet invisible to not only the naked eye but to radar. The armored wings last maybe 60 seconds against Cheetah, who by the way, Wonder Woman didn’t know Barbara had turned into so she couldn’t have possibly thought she needed the armor for that. And then she doesn’t need it to stop Maxwell Lord. So why was the armor important other than having that scene in the trailer where she drops the wings

And there's plenty more head scratching things about this movie. 

One thing I hope WB learns (they won’t) is that the next Wonder Woman film should be set in the present. Doing solo films for characters that take place after films where we’ve seen them in the present is tricky. Not saying it can’t be done, it can. Captain Marvel took place in the 80’s but also gave us an early look at Nick Fury and how he got to where he is (with his eye patch as well). It then also introduced characters we saw in Spider-Man Far From Home and will clearly play a part in WandaVision and Secret Invasion. If WB is going to continue to set Wonder Woman films in the past before we see her in BvS then they need to reconcile things. Like how Patty Jenkins says she doesn’t want her using a sword and shield anymore even though she clearly has them in BvS and Justice League. When making films in a cinematic universe where things connect together, details matter and WW84 is light on them.


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