The Wolf Among Us is Back in 2018


Telltale Games has released a summer update video detailing what new games they have coming out for this year and 2018. Hidden at the end (because one must save the best for last), Telltales announced that the long anticipated second season of The Wolf Among Us will be arriving next year.  It's been 4 years since players entered the world of Bigby and Snow White based off of Bill Willingham's award winning Fables series. Since then Telltale has made some other great games but Wolf Among Us still ranks as one of their best. It's a series that fans have been begging for and we're finally getting a season 2. Personally, I'm very excited. Season 1 stepped up the controls and choices from Telltale's other series and with 5 years between seasons, I expect season 2 to also bring in a lot of new things to Telltale's series.

Also announced in the summer update, next month brings season 2 of the Batman series with, Enemy Within. Telltale brought a fresh and unique take on Batman and Bruce Wayne with season 1. The made a lot of significant changes to classic characters but still kept the core of Batman mythos and put out one hell of a story. It's really exciting to see what they do with season 2 which is bringing in the Riddler and more of "John Doe" who seems to be the Joker.

And finally, we're getting Clem back as a playable character. The final season of The Walking Dead series will arrive in 2018 with season 4. It will bring the journey we started with Lee & Clem to an end with Clem becoming who we've seen her grow into these last 4 seasons. Won't lie, I teared up a bit watching the video. We finished our review of New Frontier and while its not one of Telltale's best, the emotion and connection to Clem has always been there. I can't wait to see how the story ends.

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