Wizard World Bay Area 2019: What We Learned About the Legends


This year Wizard World returned to the Bay Area with a host of legendary stars including Legends of Tomorrow's Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer), Caity Lotz (Sarah Lance), Matt Ryan (John Constantine) and Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk). The Legends had a lot to dish about the upcoming season and the highly anticipated Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover. Here's a few tidbits we learned:

  1. Supersuit Technology Has Come A Long Way Brandon Routh reported that the Kingdom Come Superman suit is more comfortable than his Superman Returns suit. He credits that to the advancement in technology and the fact that the costume designers really worked with him on fit and ease.


  2. Brandon Agreed to Play Superman Again for Closure Routh also revealed that he agreed to play Superman again because he felt this storyline allowed him to "close the door" on Superman. The producers came to him with a compelling storyline that offered him closure on the character.


  3. Caity Lotz is Leading in More Ways Than One Ever since season 2, Sarah Lance has been the captain of our dreams. Now her portrayer, Caity Lotz, is taking the lead to direct. Lotz directed episode 5 of season 5 and according to Courtney Ford it’s action-packed.


  4. Being Emotional and Absurd Is Legends of  Tomorrow's Sweet Spot. Everyone agreed that Legends really found its place when the writers figured out how to walk the line of silliness and deep emotion. Courtney Ford said she loves the combination of absurdity and emotion that Legends has because it mirrors real life. Brandon Routh followed up by saying what makes it fun is trying to match the emotion when you have a deeply affecting scene followed by a joke.


  5. Legends Is Officially the Best Superhero Show ... ... At least according to Rolling Stone. All of the cast members repeatedly mentioned that Rolling Stone named Legends of Tomorrow the best superhero show on television this spring.


  6. Sarah Lance Is Ready to Meet Jefferson Pierce! Caity Lotz revealed that she was most excited to work with Black Lightning during the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. She also mentioned that this crossover gave her a lot of opportunity to work with The Flash's Grant Gustin.


  7. Constantine Gets a New Set Piece!  Constantine gets a house this season! This season the character returns to a home he purchased in England that becomes a major set piece for season 5. Can we look forward to an old-fashioned haunted house episode?


  8. Damien Darhk Comedian?  When Neal McDonough came to Hollywood he initially wanted to be a comedian. While his career has taken him in a different direction, he is happy that Legends of Tomorrow allowed him to infuse that humor with his villainous persona of Damien Darhk.


  9. Damien Darhk Will Not Be A Part of Crisis.  While he lives in Vancouver and enjoys working close to home so he can be with his family, Neal McDonough is currently filming multiple projects and could not find time to guest star in the Crisis crossover.


  10. Superman does NOT reign supreme in the Routh household Even though his dad is Superman, Courtney Ford revealed that their son's favorite superhero is actually ... Spider-man. Maybe we'll get a DC/Marvel crossover after all.

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