Wicked + Divine #35: Once More We Return


I'm assuming that anyone reading these reviews isn't new to the world of WicDiv so my pseudo-cryptic titles should make perfect sense to you.

At its core, WicDiv is a comic about cycles. Cycles that, once set in motion, are doomed to repeat themselves and end tragically. We are coming to the end of a cycle that Persephone and Baal and Cassandra thought they were breaking but instead they appear to be in the same place as their predecessors. So it's fitting that we open with 1923 again.


Maniac Minerva

Mini seems to be at the heart of these machinations. Whether you believe Ananke has takenover her body or not (I do), 1923 Minerva is also a cold-blooded manipulator and an accomplice (ringleader?) to Ananke's plans.

Present-day Minerva is just as wily. Woden is on to her and she uses her faux naivete to convince him that she was working with Ananke because the crone told her she could help her live longer. Woden (in a bone-headed move that surprises no one) believes her.

I'm Not Afraid of Who I Am

Meanwhile, Cassandra and Persephone/Laura are suspicious of Minerva but also find themselves falling for her tricks when she convinces Laura to look for a room Baal is hiding from the Pantheon. Then Minerva "innocently" sends Baal after Persephone by mentioning that she got a "weird text" about a "secret room". I would be angrier at Minerva pitting the former couple against each other but it gave us this panel so I'm not too mad.

Shout-out to Jamie McKelvie for the meticulous ab work. 

Questions, Theories & #Wildt Speculations

  • Currently, Minerva/Ananke has three of the four heads she needs. If 1923 was a prologue to how this tends to go down, then she's now at the phase where she has to get rid of the gods before they put all the pieces together but have they done enough to figure out what's happening or are they falling into her trap?
  • Minerva mentions the time of the Franks which is around  445 AD when Lucifer extended his time. Did that cycle give Ananke the idea to get the gods to do her bidding by promising them more time?
  • Baal's true identity as Ba'al Hammon, the Carthaginian deity whom children were sacrificed to, has been revealed and he also throws away his lightning bolt chain. As the most devout of the Pantheon it makes sense that he would take even the worst parts of his godhood seriously, but to what end? I think he thought the sacrifices would delay the darkness but what if the darkness was just Ananke's way of controlling him? It feels like Ananke told everyone what they wanted to hear.

Adieu until next time.




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