What If…? S1E8 Review – What If Ultron Won?


This episode could have also been called "What If The Watcher learned you can't just sit on the sideline and watch as shit goes south when you know you can do something to stop it." It's a classic case of its not his problem...until it becomes his problem. And then at that point everyone he could have gone to for help was already gone because of his inaction. 

The penultimate episode of What If season 1 does a couple of things. First, this shows just how lucky the Avengers were that they stopped Ultron. Because Ultron is a problem. A real problem. Had Ultron gotten the cradle back with the Vision body (with the infinity stone), yeah...it would have  been a wrap. And we see just how bad it couldn't have gotten. The second thing this episode does is bring the connectivity between the episodes. The only place the Watcher can escape to is to the destroyed universe of the Evil Dr. Strange. We know they'll work and bring some others from other multiverses we've seen to try to stop this Ultron. It's also classic "in order to beat someone that bad you have to find someone equally bad". This evil Strange is the only one other than Ultron to reach a level in which they could sense the Watcher. This is all bad. What will be interesting will be if we see this tie into what we saw with Loki. Clearly the MCU is jumping fully into the multiverse which means everything is a possibility.


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