‘We’re Here’ Charms Its Way Into Hearts

We're Here is one hell of a teaching moment wrapped in diva attitude, unsettling moments, and much needed emotional honesty. 

We're Here is a six-part unscripted series that follows three former Rupaul's Drag Race favorites, Bob the Drag Queen, Eureka O’Hara, and Shangela Laquifa Wadley as they travel to small towns staging drag shows with local recruits. Yes. Three of the biggest personalities in the drag world are bringing drag culture to small town USA. The local participants bring a mixed bag of motives. Some want to celebrate themselves, others want to make amends for past homophobia, many hope to foster tolerance and inclusion by standing up to take a walk in someone else's shoes...literally. 

Connection and Community 

Right out the gate, you know We're Here intends to be very on brand for it's three queens. Arriving in town in unforgettable buses and dressed to make the populous gag, Bob, Eureka and Shangela are on a mission to discover what lies at the hearts and in the minds of the town's people while inviting them to share in the fun. But it's not all hearts and rainbows. Some of these towns are confederate flag waving, civil war monument celebrating, evangelical "silent majority" strongholds. Pain and discomfort often lies just beneath the surface. We're Here gives faces and stories to the awkwardness and isolation that daring to live as your best self can cause.

Leading up to a one-night-only drag show, this trio of drag queens guide their newly minted drag daughters through crafting an image, selecting a name, and learning choreography. At the same time, viewers will learn more about the participants home lives and communities. Dancing aside, these participant profiles will keep you invested and wondering about these towns long after the last scene fades to black. 

A New Day In the Life One Hour at a Time 

With just the right touch of Queer Eye, but stripped down to the essence of what makes television shows like this really interesting, We're Here advocates for greater community and love by highlighting the struggle to accept family members, friends, neighbors and often one's self. The documentary-style format is familiar. The stories unique. The participants willingness to pull back the veil on their lives captivating. We're Here is one hell of a teaching moment wrapped in diva attitude, humor, unsettling encounters, and much needed emotional honesty. 

Tune In Because This is a Ride Worth Taking 

We're Here premieres on Thursday, APRIL 23 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT). Viewers can catch the premiere episode for free to all via the YouTube Premieres platform. This is the first time that HBO will make debut content available for free. Ro and Joi sat down to discuss the new series, what sets it a part and what about it has them set to tune in until the end. 

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