We’re Back & Too Old For This Shit – Insanity Check #672


I told you all that you would never know when I would drop another Insanity Check and well…here we are. I was able to convince DPalm to join me so you know that means it was a crazy ass week. It’s also very clear that I’m too old for this shit. We’ve come full circle. I lived through the DotCom bubble only to see idiots going down the Web3.0/Crypto/NFT grift. Fun times. Anyway, there’s plenty to chat about. So give it a listen and stay tuned cause you never know when the next episode will come. 


  • NFL vs UFC...it's a good ole fashion terribleoff 
  • Spotify was in trouble before Joe Rogan
  • Instead of thinking smarter we need to think dumber when it comes too passing progressive laws
  • Before anti-CRT and anti-Science there was the anti-evolution movement
  • The NYPD is given way too much money
  • The anti-black black middle class
  • Great Moments in White Privilege
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro?

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