Welcome to the Blumhouse Nocturne – The Real Villains are the Adults


Out of the four Welcome to the Blumhouse films, Nocturne is our 2nd favorite next to Black Box. Its' able to pull together a solid case, good pacing and a solid story that is able to pull in some of the most familiar Faustian bargain themes. 

One of the best things about Nocturne is that it helps identify a connecting theme between all four Welcome to the Blumhouse films even if it's unintentional. That theme is that...the parents are the real villain. All four films have some really terrible parents. Nocturne takes it a step further and makes it so that every adult in this film is quite terrible. Sydney Sweeney and Madison Iseman play twin sisters Juliet and Vivian who are pianists at a prestigious musical school. Vivian is seen as the star with Juliet constantly living in her shadow. Of course this is quickly revealed to be because their parents and the teachers at the school decided to pit both against each other instead of fostering both to be great. This dynamic makes the film more engaging and that's even before the inadvertent bargain with the devil. 

There are some missed opportunities to dig a bit further into the supernatural. The film goes some predictable ways, particularly with Ivann Shaw's character (Dr. Cask). This is a similar problem Evil Eye had. The difference is, unlike Evil Eye, the missed opportunities don't distract too much from the story or the entertainment value. 

Overall, Welcome to the Blumhouse seems to be a pretty successful project. It gave real opportunities to some new directors and did it by giving them solid casts, strong enough screenplays and a distribution to Amazon Prime Video that may have removed some of the pressures that come with a theatrical release. On top of that, it highlighted PoC and women both in front of and behind the camera with these opportunities. 

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