Welcome Black Michael Steele



We're one episode away from the 600th Insanity Check. But before that, Kriss is running a gauntlet of podcasting with 7 days straight of podcasting and what better way to bring that run to a close than with the person he talks to most with: Host of the Unanimous Decision Podcast, Dpalm

Look the world didn't end with Dpalm being a guest this week but you know we can never just do a regular show. So we threw out the show notes and we covered a bunch of random (but oddly related things) from the Oscars still having a problem with black movies to Michael Steele realizing his party is racist to the stupidity with the "gun debate".  We even throw in some comic book talk. Like I said, we were all over the place but it was a great show so make sure you subscribe and listen.



Charles (Kriss)

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