Wally West Update – Run Wally Run

Various images of Wally West

We're back with another Character Corner short. This time Dpalm & Kriss are doing a short update on their favorite Flash: Wally West. Wally has been through so much. Is DC finally prepared to give Wally West the respect he deserves? Maybe but of course without putting him through the ringer again. We pick up with Wally's return to the DC Universe with Rebirth and go through Heroes in Crisis and talk about what might be on the horizon for the red headed speedster. You can check out our original Character Corner on Wally here.


  • DC Universe Rebirth
  • Titans Rebirth
  • Titans
    • The Return of Wally West
  • Flash
    • Flash War
      • Flash Annual 1
      • Flash 47 - 50
    • Flash #51 - The Life Story of Wally West
  • Heroes in Crisis

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