Wakanda Forever! – Marvel Legends Black Panther Unboxing – Build Okoye Pieces


The world premiere for Marvel's Black Panther was last night and the early buzz is great for the film. Unfortunately, our screener isn't for a couple more weeks. But that didn't stop me from celebrating the monumental occasion. I decided to finally open up the Marvel Legends Black Panther figures I had and put together the build-a-figure character, Okoye. Figures aren't normally my thing but for this movie, I'm making an exception. Plus it's a pretty big deal. Years ago, Marvel, Disney and others got heat for not putting out diverse toys and figures. So to see that Black Panther got it's own line and that they featured two of the black women in the movie, it's a pretty big deal.

Also, I can officially announce that our Wakanda Forever! shirts are now up in our MTR Network Store.

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