Vice Review: A Hilarious Reminder of Just How Evil Dick Cheney and Republicans Have Always Been

It's Dick Cheney's Villain Origin Story and...spoiler alert: The Villain Wins

Kriss, Brandon, Ro and Joi review Vice and talk about why they actually loved this film when so many seem to hate it. Christian Bale does a terrifyingly great job of becoming Dick Cheney. And this film takes the seriousness of what Cheney and Republicans set in motion decades ago, and puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on it to make sure everyone looks horrible. This is a film where the villain wins. We know this because Dick Cheney is still out and about in the world today. But it's important to remember that there's a straight line to Trump from when Dick Cheney decided he was going to become a republican. This film will having you laughing one minute only to suddenly sober up when you realize that what you're laughing at, actually happened. Some will say we didn't need this film. But we think it's important to remember that republicans like Dick Cheney are loyal to only one thing: Power.

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