Underwater Fails to Surface

It’s that time again! Dump month. Where studios dump films they inexplicably made knowing they weren’t gonna be very good or make much money. Now that doesn’t mean every film that drops in January/February is a “dump film”. Notably early in the year has been good for Marvel with billion dollar films like Black Panther and Captain Marvel (and if you throw in Fox, then Deadpool). And next month DC throws their hat in the ring with Birds of Prey. but for everyone else, its that time to drop that really terrible Liam Neeson film that no one really sees but looks like all his other films
Underwater is a throwback dump month film. It’s a film with a good concept and could have succeeded, but instead of making a close-quarters, underwater horror film, it tries for big budget scenes and effects without the big budget.
There are things that work here. But not enough. Kristen Stewart also needs a better agent. Because this ain't it. 
Listen as Ro, Kriss and Brandon break down this early 2020 disappointment. 


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