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We're back with another MTR Premium Network Comic Book Book Club episode. 

In this episode we discuss Uncanny X-Force #1 - 19. This is the second time we've discussed this book run. First was just Kriss & Dpalm. We never did finish the series though. So we're revisiting the first 19 issues with a larger group and we'll be back soon to finish the rest in a few weeks. 

This series is great. If you listened to our Character Corner on Cable, then you probably heard us talk about the lead up to this book. Cyclops asked Wolverine to form X-Force as a preemptive strike force to handle threats to the near extinct mutant race after M-Day. After the events of the Second Coming event, Cyclops told Wolverine to disband the group but Logan had other plans. In this first 19 issues the group of Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, Angel/Archangel and Fantomex take on the threat of Apocalypse, the Reavers, the Age of Apocalypse and Warren's Archangel personality taking full control. It's a great 19 issues that you're gonna want to check out (And it's all on Marvel Unlimited).

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