Unanimous Decision #41: Awards Season


It's here. The most wonderful time of year. NBA playoffs every night with must-watch NHL playoffs (trust me) on second screens. But, before we can truly kick off the, "you know you'll be tired at the office but ball is life" season, we had on Twitterless Mike to review some ill fated predictions for the season, and we meet up with Justin from ThreeFifsPod to hand out some season ending hardware.


  • Recapping NBA Over/Unders. Remember those?
  • Sergio Garcia still in the league?
  • North Carolina WILDIN'.
  • RIP Dan Rooney.
  • Phil Jackson can't win for losing.
  • MVP 'debate'.
  • Coach of the Year talk.
  • All NBA Teams make you realize how much talent is in the NBA.
  • Playoff Predictions
  • MVPs: LeBron James opening a public school. Janet Jackson about that paper. I can't find a link that isn't about hating on this.

Justin – @LJay90 – ThreeFifsPodcast

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