Unanimous Decision: You Deserve it


The Road to Wrestlemania rolls on as Rich and I say goodbye to some legends, but celebrate another reaching the pinnacle of the business. Dusty Rhodes said the only things real in wrestling are your first world title, and the Hall of Fame, and there aren't many more deserving than Diamond Dallas Page. We celebrate this deserving superstar, and  catch up with the week's WWE action as we head to the big show in Orlando.


  • RIP George Steele and Ivan Koloff.
  • Congrats to DDP for the Hall of Fame!
  • New Day Host?
  • Kevin Owens. International treasure.
  • Raw Women's division getting interesting.
  • Braun Strowman is a monster.
  • Naomi relinquishes the belt.
  • Someone save American Alpha.
  • Battle Royal - Seeding Mania.
  • A brief spot of fantasy booking.


Rich– @RDotDeuce – Buffalo Wins – PWTorch East Coast Cast

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