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You've heard Kriss & Rod talk about this book for the last several years and now they're back to discuss "Chapter Two" of the Uber saga, Uber InvasionUber Invasion is the second chapter of Kieron Gillen’s Uber story which is a reimagining of superpowers and history. It’s a brutal alternate timeline tale of super humans first appearing during WW2.  The first chapter is 28 issues and ends with the Germans crossing the Atlantic to invade America. Chapter 2 opens up with the devastating consequences.  What makes Uber so good is Gillen's attention to detail and history and how he takes what we know to be historical fact, and twists and turns that to tell this new story. It doesn't glorify war but rather shows just how brutal it can be. It's an excellent book that we highly recommend. Check out our episode as we dig into what makes this book so good. 

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