TV Trailer: Fox’s Minority Report Starring Meagan Good


Oddly enough if this was on SyFy I'd have no reservations. SyFy picked up 12 Monkeys and has done wonderful things with it as a TV Show. Fox...well, I give them a chance but they just never seem to get out of their own way. I think Gotham started strong this season until it crashed and burned. I heard that Fox got away from what was working with Sleepy Hollow and is now moving it to Thursday to compete with ABC's lineup (which it won't).

The good thing is, Fox does seem to be very open with putting black women in shows that we typically don't get to see them in. So even with all my concerns, they still are going to get my attention. But I'm not holding out hope that this show sticks around.

[quote]Ten years after the end of Precrime in Washington D.C., one of the three Pre-Cogs struggles to lead a normal life, but remains haunted by visions of the future.[/quote]



Charles (Kriss)

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