Avengers Infinity War Trailer – Thanos has Arrived


The first trailer/teaser for Marvel Studios' Infinity War is here and it's awesome. 

It's only a teaser (and different from what was shown at San Diego Comic-Con in Hall H). There's a heavy focus on Black Panther and Wakanda which makes sense considering that Black Panther is the next movie to release on Marvel Studios' slate. But we get a look at a lot of familiar faces (Hi War Machine). It's also very clear that Thanos is going to be a problem (to say the least). Oh and Thor seems to still be missing an eyeball so he might be having some issues with depth perception throughout the film.

Avengers are going to die (My money is on Tony and Vision but Vision will return). This is going to be glorious. 

We'll be discussing more about the trailer on our next Super Tuesday Recap episode when we review the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. Make sure you subscribe. 




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