Trailers of the Week: Marvel’s Luke Cage & Rogue One


This has been been a good week to get some much anticipated trailers. First up, we got the full trailer for Marvel's Luke Cage Netflix show. And it's peak blackness. This is going to be an important show and it means a lot and from what we've seen, Marvel realizes how important it is too. I really can't wait for September 30th.  As always, we'll do a Super Tuesday Recap soon after to review the series and some time before the 30th, we'll do a Luke Cage (and possibly Misty Knight) Character Corner.


It almost seems like ages ago that Star Wars: The Force Awakens dropped but it's been under a year. But Disney isn't slowing down and wants to remind us we get more Star Wars coming this December. Not only do we get more Star Wars but...Vader is Back!

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story releases December 16th.



Charles (Kriss)

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