Movie Review: Toy Story 4 – A Perfect Franchise

24 years of a great story that has been damn near flawless. keeps it smart, simple and fun

Ro, Brandon and Kriss...well at least Ro and Brandon are here to review Toy Story 4. This is a franchise that has gone on for 2 decades and has never failed to deliver. It's not just a great film but a great way to wrap up the story that's been going on for this long and the franchise. There's some really great casting for voice work and something for everyone. From the adults that have been with this franchise since Toy Story 1 to kids who are just experiencing it for the first time. This is it. 

Also this film is a pretty good example of quality matters when it comes to continuing on a franchise. Listen as the crew gives their take on this film and why it's the official start of the June movies.


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