Toronto Film Festival 2023 Recap


Kriss makes his return to covering the Toronto Film Festival in person for his second time. While this year was a bit different because of the Writers and Actors strike, the film festival itself was still packed full of film lovers. There was also a solid contingent of International films and stars that attended. 

This year Kriss focused on a reduced schedule and only watched 9 films at the festival but got a good mix of films. From International Midnight Madness films to Thrillers to Comedy/Satire, there was a pretty good mix. 

Ro joins Kriss as he recaps the films he watched at the film festival and makes his recommendation for films to check out.

  • Reptile
  • Kill
  • Boy Kills World
  • Gonzo Girl
  • Dumb Money
  • Knox Goes Away
  • The Critic
  • Rustin
  • American Fiction

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