Comic Book Book Club: Tom King’s Batman Run Volumes 1 – 3


We promised it and now it's here. Dat 'Rona ain't stopping us. We're finally covering Tom King's amazing Batman run. Yes, we said AMAZING. If you were expecting some waffling or complaining about this run then you've come to the wrong place. We believe King's run is a perfect follow up to Scott Snyder's New 52 run and the deconstruction of Batman. After Snyder's run, Bruce returned younger and a changed man set out to try something new and King takes that and runs with it. King picked the perfect villain in Bane to really highlight what makes Bruce Wayne Batman.

We cover the first three volumes here:

  • Volume 1: I Am Gotham
  • Volume 2: I Am Suicide
  • Volume 3: I Am Bane

We skip over issues 21 & 22 which are part of The Button crossover with The Flash. We will cover that in our next episode. 

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