Tom King’s Batman Run: Breaking The Bat


April  has been a long year and so we're doing a bit of switching up. We  were supposed to be doing a Hulk Character Corner this month but life was just so busy that didn't happen. We still wanted to put out a show for the fans though. So we decided to put part 3 of our Tom King Batman Run up for all listeners on the MTR Network. Part 1 and Part 2 are up on the Premium feed so sign up if you want to hear those.

In Part 3 we cover volumes 7 through 9. That's The Wedding, Cold Days and The Tyrant Wing. There's a lot that happens here and it's all revealed to be the master plan of Bane to finally completely "Break the Bat":

  • Booster Gold is an idiot and tries to give Bruce/Batman a "gift" and it goes as horribly as you'd imagine a Booster Gold gift to go
  • Joker and Selina have a heart-to-heart as they both lay bleeding out. Joker plants the "He can't be happy and be Batman" seed
  • Selina leaves Bruce waiting on the rooftop instead of marrying him
  • A distraught and distracted Batman makes a mistake and Bruce is forced to convince a jury that Batman is not infallible in order to save Mr. Freeze from his mistake
  • Grayson tries to cheer up Bruce only to end up with a bullet in his head from KGBeast
  • Bane's reveal as he slowly discredit's Batman
  • Bruce's Flashpoint Daddy is home

We'll be back in May with the Hulk Character Corner as well as wrapping up the rest of his series on Premium. Sign up at to hear those episodes as well as part 1 & 2 and more.

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