TNT’s Snowpiercer Season 2 Premiere Review – Shortest. Democracy. Ever.


Looks like that "12% of a plan" that Layton had last season is turning out to be even more poorly thought out than we expected. Sure, he got the revolution he wanted and took back control of the train. But with Mr. Wilford reappearing and latching his "Big Alice" train onto Snowpiercer, Layton is starting to realize how poorly thought out all this was.  Honestly, gotta give Layton credit, not many people could be as incompetent as Layton this quickly with this many consequences. It's almost a skill. 

Here are a few things we noticed with this season premiere:

  • It's funny how quickly Layton has already started compromising on his promises of Democracy on Snowpiercer. It hasn't even been 12 hours and he's already declared Martial Law. I guess he's starting to realize it's much easier to be a revolutionary than actually being in charge and running a functional government
  • Ruth is setting Layton up and enjoying every minute of it. The minute she realized Zarah was pregnant with Layton's child, she jumped at the opportunity to give Layton and Zarah special treatment, knowing it could drive a wedge between Layton and the rest of the former tailies. As one of them said "This personal shit is making your democracy harder to believe in"
  • Speaking of Zarah, she's annoying and really should have been thrown off the balcony. She's also a traitor and can't be trusted and the more that Layton makes excuses for her the more everyone else is gonna get fed up with him
  • Layton is really an idiot. The first time they saw that big Frankenstein dude they should have thought twice about any plan to "take" Big Alice. Even outside of that, it was pretty stupid to plan an infiltration without doing any kind of recon up front. Especially after lying to people and saying that he was going to try diplomacy first.
  • There's not a lot right now but it'll be interesting seeing where the plot with the potential that it's not as cold as everyone thinks is going. The fact that Melanie saw snow might mean that maybe the earth isn't as lost as the people think it is.
  • Sean Bean as Mr. Wilford is great cause now all of us are thinking about all the ways he has to die.
  • Between this show and The Expanse, there really needs to be a "It's okay to kill your sociopath kids" rule. Melanie was all smiles at the end of the episode, bonding with Alexandra but she really should be concerned that her daughter was gonna look here right in the eye as she killed an entire train of people. This little girl might be a problem

And there's plenty to more to talk about. Listen as Ro & Kriss discuss this episode then come back after episode 4 as we'll be reviewing these episodes, 3 at a time going forward.

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