TNT’s Snowpiercer Episodes 5 – 7 Review


Kriss and Ro are back to review TNT's Snowpiercer. This time we're reviewing episodes 5 - 7 or  as we like to  call it: Melanie you fucking up.

With these three episodes we start to see glimmers of how Snowpiercer devolves into the truly dystopian world we see from the movie. The show is doing a good job of showing us "behind the curtain" and what Melanie is trying to do to maintain not just order but the survival of the human race.  On the surface it may look as if  they're trying to condone her actions but its really showing the audience how good intentions aren't an excuse for evil behavior. We see Melanie spiraling more and more out of control (which is making her more brutal). Melani is making a lot of short term decisions that  give her an immediate benefit but are harming her (and the train) more in the long run. Her decision to override the tribunal's verdict did nothing to put her in the good graces of the Folgers and made her look weaker in front of 2nd & 3rd class.

Bess offers a good contrast to Melanie. Whereas Melanie thinks the ends justify the means to keep her secrets, with Bess we see someone who is starting to make decisions that put her at great risk while benefiting others.

Listen as we review these episodes as well as give some theories on where we think this show can go in relation to the movie. We also discuss how these episodes tie very well into what we're seeing in the world today. 

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