TIFF 2020: Get the Hell Out


What happens when you mix zombies, wrestling and Taiwanese politics? Greatness. That's what you get. Get the Hell Out is a comedy horror film that doesn't slow down with the ridiculousness but also never gets to the point where it jumps the shark. This is a hard film to write a review for, not because it's not good but because when you start trying to explain it, you sound absolutely crazy. 

“Well, a woman trying to save her home town from being polluted by a chemical plant becomes  politician in parliament where her main rival is a corrupt politician who is a pro-wrestling fan and is for the chemical plant. He pushes her to react violently and it causes her to get kicked out of the parliament. She then tries to manipulate the security guard at the parliament to run for her former seat to be her frontman so she can stop the chemical plant. But her political rival also gets to him and is trying to get him to be pro-chemical plant. In the background of all this is the fact that there are rumors that the chemical plant is a behind a string of “new rabies cases” that are making people act crazy. The President gets infected and while in the parliament to give a speech starts attacking ppl and that’s when things get a bit crazy”

See? This is ridiculous. BUT IT IS SO MUCH FUN. What makes it work, even though it seems to not take itself serious, is that everything around the plot has real world implications. Maybe it's the fact that I’m sitting in America in the middle of a pandemic with a government that is actively trying to ignore the seriousness, but that part of the film instantly connected with me and made it so relevant. Then there’s the sexism. A highly qualified female politician trying to warn everyone about dangers but instead they listen to the over-the-top, playing-for-the-camera clown (sound familiar?). So underneath the comedy you have a film that's tackling sexism, politics/political theater and how the government will go to extraordinary lengths to hide the truth from citizens even when that just makes it worse. And that's not even touching the zombies.

This is a film that has to be seen for itself to fully get how great it is. At every turn there’s another laugh-out-loud moment that audiences will enjoy.

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