Thor Part 2: Thor Returns, The God Butcher, Jane Foster & More


Thor: Ragnarok drops this week and so it's time to wrap up our Thor Character Corner with part 2. First we quickly cover what happened when we last left Thor during part 1. Ragnarok happened and Thor and the rest of Asgard died. And Thor stayed dead for a while. When the road to Civil War started, Thor was still gone but Mjolnir makes an appearance, falling to Earth as the Gods died, tearing a hole that allows Doctor Doom to escape Hell. After a brief attempt by Doom to take the hammer for himself, we then get Tony Stark's bad idea to make a Thor clone that...has disastrous results.   

Finally Thor returns. We focus on two writers this episode that really encapsulate Thor's return and that's J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) and current Thor writer Jason Aaron. JMS and Aaron really lean into the idea of Thor and the rest of Asgard being Gods. In a way, Thor is written much like Jesus is from the Bible and there are a lot of great stories. Asgard is reformed above Broxton, Oklahoma and while it seems like this could be a repeat of what happened the last time Thor & Asgard floated above earth, this time is vastly different. 

JMS and Jason Aaron really call into question not only what it means to be a God and if mortals still need Gods.

You'll want to listen to our full Character Corner as we follow the journey of Thor (Odinson) to Thor (Jane Foster).


  • Fantastic Four #536-537 - Moljnir comes back to Earth & Doom escapes Hell
  • Civil War #7 - Thor Clone destroyed by Hercules
  • Thor Volume 3 (JMS Run)
    • #1 - 12, #600-603, Thor Giant Size
  • Jason Aaron's Run
    • Thor: God of Thunder
      • #1 - 5 - The God Butcher 
      • #6 - Gorr's backstory
      • #7- 11 - Godbomb
      • #19-23 - The Last Days of Midgard (Future Thor fights Galactus)
    • Original Sin
      • Original Sin Thor & Loki 5.1 - 5.5 - The Tenth realm & Angela
      • #7 - Nick Fury whispers something to Thor to make Thor become unworthy & drop the hammer
    • Thor Volume 4 (Jane Foster as Thor)
    • Thors (Secret Wars book)
    • The Unworthy Thor
    • The Mighty Thor Vol 2
      • #19 - Thor vs the Phoenix
      • #20 - War Thor's origin


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