Thor Part 1: Walt Simonson’s Run & Ragnarok


We’re a few weeks out from Thor: Ragnarok being released so I guess it’s time to drop our latest Character Corner: Thor Part 1!

First off, we recorded this over a month ago so please excuse any outdated references. If you’re listening to this I’m assuming Trump hasn’t killed us all so that’s a positive. Anyway, in this first part of a two part series, we cover Thor Volume 1 and Thor Volume 2. Our main focus though is the Walt Simonson run from volume 1 that ran from issues 337 – 382. Simonson both wrote and draw these issues and the entire run is a masterpiece. He introduces Beta Ray Bill, gives us an epic battle with Sutur, Skurge’s Last Stand and even turns Thor into a frog. It’s a wonderful run that is always at the top of any “Best of Thor” list.

We then get into Dan Jurgen’s volume 2 which starts off rough but really picks up with the death of Odin and Thor taking over as the All Father. We find out why Thor’s connection to humanity is needed and the disastrous results if Thor fully embraces being a God without that connection. And then Ragnarok comes.

In both volumes 1 & 2 we see the story of Ragnarok with volume 2 fully seeing Ragnarok coming to fruition. If you want to prepare for Thor: Ragnorak come November 3rd, make sure you listen to this Character Corner, then check out the issues below. Every issue should be on Marvel Unlimited, so get to reading.



  • Thor: Tales of Asgard (2009) – Remasters old Jack Kirby & Stan Lee stories that flesh out Odin & Asgard
  • Journey Into Mystery #83 – First Appearance of Thor
  • Avengers #1
  • Thor Volume 1
    • Walt Simonson’s Run
      • #337-340 – The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill
      • #340 – 353 – The Sutur Saga
      • #362 – Skurge’s Last Stand
    • Thor Volume 2
      • #36 – 43 - The Death of Odin
      • Gods on Earth – # 51- 58, Iron Man #64, Avengers #63
      • Spiral - #59-67
      • #80 – 85 - Thor Disassembled (Ragnarok)


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