The Wretched Has the Horror Aesthetics But not the Lore or Script


Corona might have shut down the theaters but that doesn't mean we don't have new movies to review. We got a screener for the IFC Horror film, The Wretched and recorded a review of our thoughts. When we saw the trailer for this film, we thought it had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, the film never lives up to that.

The Good

Directors Brett and Drew Pierce put together a horror film that looks pretty good. There are some really creepy moments with the witch and there are no shortages of graphic moments either. Chris Evans might talk about eating a baby in Snowpiercer but The Wretched actually shows it. If the rest of The Wretched lived up to the aesthetics then this film would be an amazing horror film. Sadly the rest is lackluster. . 

The Bad

The problem with the acting in The Wretched isn't that it's all bad but rather who is given the focus. John-Paul Howard plays Ben and is the lead but is also the weakest of the actors. Everyone else seems to handle their roles better. Even the kids. Zarah Mahler does a great job as the possessed Abbie and we wish they had leaned on her a bit more

The Ugly

What really hurts The Wretched is that it's telling a story that's heavily dependent on lore but doesn't explain or lean into any of that lore. In the end, the story becomes hollow because of it. The motivations and rules surrounding the witch in this film aren't every really clear. What's most frustrating is that there clearly is a lot of lore to lean on and this film could have been so much more. Instead it's just a pretty to look at empty shell of a horror film.

Listen as Ro, Kriss and Brandon break down their thoughts on The Wretched for a full review.

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