The Tale of Two Mikes – Insanity Check #601



Time for a new Insanity Check episodes and Kriss is joined by Joi whose new nickname might be "Destroyer of Worlds" since the world seems to go to shit whenever she's coming on the show. We cover a lot from SXSW to #MarchForOurLives to Killer Mike being an idiot. It's all here for you.


  • Films that screened at SXSW that you should check out
  • Black Panther becomes the highest grossing super hero film and why other studios are going to panic
  • Ava DuVernay getting tapped for DC's The New Gods 
  • What diversity and inclusion means in the film industry
  • #MarchForOurLives is a bitter pill for black and other non-white people to watch
    • Remember how Joe Scarborough felt about black activists and protesting police violence 
  • When adults lean on kids to do what adults need to do
  • Misdemeanor Mike is back at it again and it's pretty bad.



Charles (Kriss)

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