The Strain Review – S2E11 Dead End


Kriss & Sterling review season 2 episode 11 of The StrainDead End

Gus helps the Guptas get across the border; Fet, Nora and Eph look all over the city for Dutch, who's in a life-or-death struggle with Eichhorst; Setrakian meets a familiar face while searching for the Occido Lumen.

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Charles (Kriss)

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    Oaktown Girl 25 September, 2015 at 01:38 Reply

    I was surprisingly entertained by this episode. Grading purely on a “The Strain” scale, I gave it an A-.

    With regard to Angel, we know putting an end to the vampires is *very* personal to him, but the show has done nothing to build off of, or, expand upon that since that one opening scene in the episode where he was introduced. I think the emotion we were supposed to feel when Angel made his decision to stay with Gus would have been much more powerful if we’d been given at least occasional reminders – besides his limp – about what this means to him.

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