The Outsider Recap: “And That’s Why Candy Corn is Delicious…”


We're back to discuss HBO's The Outsider.  Things are getting so good, Brandon jumped on board to discuss. 

Terry's been arrested and revealed his alibi. It's got rock-solid proof he was nowhere near town when the murder occurred. But the DNA evidence linking him to the crime is still seemingly unbreakable as well. Detective Anderson' starting to feel like such a public arrest was a mistake. The Maitland family's being harassed and Terry's lawyer is out for blood. More pieces of the puzzle unravel and what, at first, looked like an airtight case soon unravels as witness and evidence continue to contradict. 

Then in a turn that leaves the number one suspect dead and the murder victim's family in a destroyed, The Outsider up-ends what started like an ordinary police procedural and crime thriller.

Now, what's better than  story where a main character dies before the lead detective admits there may have been better ways to go about establishing the truth?

Finally, Folks Seem Ready to Investigate...

From this point the show begins to intertwine the supernatural into everything as the story drills down on its players in the aftermath of a double tragedy. 

But something's moving around this town enjoying the fall out and it has no intention of being stopped. Anderson reaches out to other investigators and Maitland's lawyer hoping to join forces in the hunt. This is point at which private investigator Holly Gibney joins the investigation. 

We're inches away from outpacing the source material and for once, it seems like the best choice to be faithful to the story's deeper themes while making for excellent television.

Ro, Latoya and Phenom decided one mega recap is called for because HBO's The Outsider decided to go all the way left as each episode deepened the "what the hell" factor at the show's center. 

We're all convinced there'll be a lull in the episodes, but it hasn't happened just yet. 

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