The NRA is a Terrorist Organization


This week Kriss is joined by Rich Jones (@RichJones15) to talk about the craziness that happens in the world. Rich has gives his unique perspective as a 7th generation black man from Canada. He talks about how America looks from those outside the country as we're led down a deep dark hole with an idiot as President.

A large portion of this show talks about this video from the NRA and Dana Loesch. It's very clear that the NRA is a terrorist organization that pretends to "fight for the 2nd Amendment" but in reality is nothing more than funding and promoting white supremacy. We break down how the NRA handles acts of violence and how their responses always differ when it comes to the victims being black and the perpetrators being law enforcement. The NRA is the reason why gun violence in America won't go down and their violent and ridiculous rhetoric is why. The NRA for years has acted like a terrorist organization while trying to claim to be victims. Yet they actively work to provide cover for white supremacists that end up being domestic terrorists and never attempt o change. Listen to the whole show to find out why.


  • Joe & Mika only care about Trump now because they're the victims
  • Hannibal Burress sends an imposter to the Spider-Man: Homecoming red carpet premiere
  • Dana Loesch claims her video doesn't incite violence against the left (it does)
  • Ten white supremacist terrorist attacks the NRA and Right don't address
  • Coon...I mean Colion...Noir says the NRA doesn't need to speak up about Philando Castile because they...hired him
  • Who funds the NRA?
  • That time the NRA boycotted Smith & Wessen for developing a smart gun
  • Do You Even Sci-Fi Bro
  • Black Woman Shoutout
    • Xandra Jackson - Portraits, paintings and photography. Check out her Instagram Page @XandraJackson


Rich Jones - @richJones15 


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