The Meg Review – Sharknado Meets Jaws 2 For a Mindless Big Budget Film

It's dumb but entertaining which is about the best this film could have ever been

The Meg is one of those films where you as the audience member already know if you're going to see it. It's a mindless, dumb film with bad dialogue and a stupid plot, but a giant monster shark and some cool action sequences. You either read that last sentence and stop before the "but" and go "Of course its a stupid film and I won't be watching" or you read the part about cool action sequences and say "That's all I wanted". 

One interesting thing to keep an eye on with this film is how well it does in China and other Asian markets as it's clearly targeting those markets with actors like Li Bingbing and the settings of the film China and Thailand. 

Domestically though? Who knows how this will turn out. Is there room in the summer for your dumb, mindless monster movie with a predictable plot but good action scenes? We shall see. 



Charles (Kriss)

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