The Lodge Proves That You Should Leave Some People Alone

In the words of the great Michael Jordan: Fuck them Kids
Seriously, if you ever want to watch a movie that has you cheering for some kids to get exactly what they deserve, then The Lodge is for you. The Lodge is by no means perfect. It’s a little slow. And it doesn’t do a good enough job of hiding what’s really happening. But if you’re like us here at the MTR Network and like watching little brats who don’t know how to leave people alone, get what’s coming to them, then the end is the payoff you’re waiting for.
The Lodge is another film that really challenges what we consider “horror”. It’s not really “scary” but definitely has some creepy (and well shot) moments. And when things start to take a turn, it does have more of a traditional horror feel.
In the end we enjoyed this film despite some of its issues. We definitely recommend checking it out if it hits a theater near you.


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