The Invisible Man Review – The Horror of Gaslighting


Universal's Dark Universe never really got off the ground. They had big plans for a MCU-like cinematic universe that focused on all of the Universal Studios monsters and well, that was a disaster. So instead, we get Blumhouse taking something like The Invisible Man and grounding it and leaning on some everyday horrors. What would happen if you took an abusive and controlling man, made him invisible and allowed him to stalk and gaslight his former girlfriend? The answer is a fairly solid thriller that is less horror and sci-fi. 

The Invisible Man is far from perfect (Listen to our spoiler review in a couple of days) but overall it works. It's too long, has some missed opportunities story-wise and joins the long list of films that completely under-utilized Aldis Hodge. But despite all that, we highly recommend seeing this film

Stay tune for the spoiler review which will release on this page to premium members Saturday. 

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