The History of Comics: The Golden and Silver Ages of Comics


The first Character Corner of 2019 is here! For this episode Kriss and Dpalm do something a little different and instead of focus on a particular character, they're breaking down the history of comic books starting with the Golden and Silver Ages. 

For this episode Kriss used two audible books for sources (both are also available on Kindle or Paperback:

Superheroes! Capes, Cowls and the Creation of Comic Book Culture

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

Using those two sources, Kriss and Dpalm go through what lead up to the first superhero comic of the Golden Age (Action Comics #1) through the evolution of Timely Comics to Marvel Comics and the world of Stan Lee.

    • Pre-Golden Age
      • Pulp magazines & Comic Strips
    • Golden Age (1938 - 1950)


    • Detective Comics Incorporated
        • Jerry Siegel & Joe Schuster Action Comics/Superman


        • Bob Kane & Bob Finger Batman


        • Jerry Robinson and how Robin appealed to kids


        • Wonder Woman


      • Superman & the media (radio, movie serials, etc)


    • Fawcett Comics & Captain Marvel
      • The Superman/Captain Marvel lawsuit


    • Timely Comics
        • Martin Goodman


      • Joe Simon & Jack Kirby
          • Human Torch


          • Namor


        • Captain America


    • Comic Code Authority & End of Golden Age


    • Silver Age (1956 - 1970)


    • DC Comics Revives characters
        • The Flash reboot (barry allen)


      • Justice League of America


  • Stan Lee and Marvel Comics
      • The Characters


    • The Marvel Method

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