The History of Comics: The Bronze and Modern Ages of Comics


Kriss and Dpalm are back for the second part of their break down of the history of comic books. This episode we're tackling the Bronze Age and the Modern Age. Now the Bronze Age goes from approximately 1970 to 1985 and the Modern Age is from 1985 to the present. We think the Modern Age as it's officially broken out is a bit long and could technically be broken out into two more ages. We discuss key moments & books of the Bronze Age, the formation of Image Comics, the comic speculator market bubble bursting, how comics recovered and much more. These time periods in comics are personal to us because these are the conics and moments we grew up with.

Like the last episode Kriss used two audible books for sources (both are also available on Kindle or Paperback):

Superheroes! Capes, Cowls and the Creation of Comic Book Culture

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

  • Bronze Age (1970 - 1985)
  • Amazing Spider-Man The Green Goblin Lives publishes without the Comic Code Authority Seal
  • Relaxing of the Comic Code Authority Rules
  • Green Lanten/Green Arrow #85-86 Snow Birds Don't Fly story arc
  • Marvel Overtakes DC Market Share
  • The Death of Gwen Stacy
  • X-Men Giant Size #1 and the explosion of the X-Men
  • Superman The Movie and the fight for creator credits
  • Secret Wars 
  • The debate over Crisis on Infinite Earths
  • Modern Age (1985 - present)
  • Where we break the Modern Age up and why
  • The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen
  • DC and Marvel Imprints
  • Image Comics is created
  • The speculator market and the crash of Comic Books
    • The Death of Superman
  • Marvel files for Bankruptcy
  • The rebound

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