The Haunting of Hill House is a Must Watch Netflix Series for Both Horror & Non-Horror Viewers


Netflix puts out a lot of original content. It's so much that it's easy to miss what's new on the streaming service. But The Haunting of Hill House is a series that everyone should watch as soon as possible. This horror series based off the novel by Shirley Jackson is truly a work of art. Even without the supernatural elements, this show has a very compelling story about a family that's dealing with the loss of loved ones and what happens when that grief isn't processed in a healthy way. It also shows what happens when a family history of mental illness is never confronted and addressed but rather shoved into the closet and ignored. You really start to feel for each of the Crain siblings and what they've gone through.

Then you add in the supernatural elements and the way director/writer Mike Flanagan throws in "hidden" ghosts and uses colors and camera angles to really draw you in and this show easily becomes on of Netflix's best offerings. There's a lot to unpack and digest so watching these 10 episodes multiple times is a must. 

Listen as Kriss, Ashanti and Brandon discuss what they thought of these 10 episodes, what they would like to see from a season 2 and what drew them in the most about this show.


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