Super Tuesday Recap: The Gifted Season 2 Review – Jace Turner Becomes Captain Ahab


The sophomore season of Fox's The Gifted has started off strong. The show picks up 6 months after the end of last season and we quickly learn how things have changed for everyone involved. Jace Turner is no longer with Sentinel Services but he's still obsessed over the Mutant Underground. Lorna and Andy are with the Inner Circle while Marcos and Kate are desperately trying to find them. Reed's own mutant powers start to manifest and that's just the tip of the iceberg. There's so much going on and we're only 3 episodes into this season.

Kriss, Dpalm, Shanna and Jeff discuss the first three episodes and why this show is one of the best comic book shows on TV:

  • Time to let go of Jace...he's going full villain
  • Marcos drunk dials Lorna
  • Lorna's vision of the future is probably more like Inception but Lauren & Andy's might actually happen
  • Reeva is the new Head Mutant in Charge and she's not playing
  • Will Esme's time with the Mutant Underground infect the hive mind and make them all more sympathetic or will she break from them?
  • How the show subtly reminds us that Reed and Kate used to be ain't shit (and in some cases...still are)
  • Morlocks? They really gave us the Morlocks...amazing

For more check out this interview with Emma Dumont (Lorna) and Grace Byers (Reeva) from NYCC.

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