Super Tuesday Recap: The Gifted Season 2 Review: Evil Ass Cory Booker


We're finally back to review the last 4 episodes of season 2 of The Gifted (episodes 10 - 13) and...we're out of pocket almost immediately into the episode. Dpalm takes a moment to gloat about how unredeemable and evil Jace Turner (aka Evil Ass Cory Booker) is. Jace is so evil even Kriss' Villain Agenda has denounced him. And the episode goes downhill from there:

  • The optics and way this show handled Jace & race was perfect
  • Andy's dick is still not his friend 
  • Lauren getting drawn to the dark side and Kate is NOT helping
  • Lorna's crazy ass is really bad at being undercover
  • Erg aka Not-Bishop puts John in his place then steals his girl
  • Reeva hires terrorist mutants and his working with not-Bill O'Reilly...what is her plan?

And there's more! Give it a listen & let us know what you think of this season so far.

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