The Flash Season 5 Episode 3 Review The Death of Vibe – Super Tuesday Recap


The Death of Vibe shows us that Nora's stint in the 21st century is causing some larger ripples than we thought. Cicada not only is appearing earlier than he should but he isn't David Hersh. This is giving us the same feeling that season 5 of Arrow did when they kept teasing us Adrian Chase only for him to turn out to be someone totally different. We're really enjoying how they're pulling off this season so far with things like that. 

  • Ralph has been on fire this season. The way they're using him this season is great
  • Ralph and Caitlyn make a great team
  • Cicada is terrifying and is a real threat (Barry gonna have to learn to throw hands)
  • We got a new Wells (and he's another scammer...are all Wells scammers???)
  • Nora & Iris' icy relationship
  • Who sent Nora? Why did she finally reveal herself?

Also, we're on Jesse L Martin watch. Damn you Dpalm.

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