The Flash S9E2 Review – Hear No Evil


Kriss & Dpalm are back to talk about the second episode of the final season of The Flash, Hear No Evil. It's clear that the show isn't going to waste a bunch of time and stretch themes and storylines out over this shortened final season and we think that's the right move. In previous seasons giving Snow autonomy over whether to bring Frost or Caitlyn back (at the expense of her own being) would have taken a few episodes. But in this condense season, not only do we get that all in one episode, we also show the growth of the other characters on the show when they talk about what side of the decision they come down on. Plus it was good to see Barry & Iris make the mature, seasoned call at the end without having to bring Joe & Cecile into it. Add to that the fact that it seems that we might finally get a proper, organized and coordinated Rogues Gallery, we're liking what we're seeing.

Speaking of liking what we're seeing, we also discuss the trailer for the Flash movie. When the fact that Ezra Miller makes a terrible Barry Allen doesn't ruin the trailer and still gives us a glimmer of hope, that should say something. The fact that the James Gunn era is here and we have hope says a lot.

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