The Flash S9E13 Review – The Series End


It's the end of an era as The Flash on CW comes to an end. It's been a wild ride with some really high highs and some really low lows. And that really sums up this final season as well. The final four episodes though did at least close the loop on themes from the entire show run so that's definitely some credit there. Are there things we wish that were done better? Absolutely? Did it feel like this season was filled with unnecessary tie-ins for other CW shows (And not the one we wanted *cough* Legends of Tomorrow *cough*)? Yup. But the show at least ends on the themes of family and Barry's growth with Iris which makes this at least a successful ending. It also makes us wonder what would have happened if not for all the interference from outside. Unfortunately we will never know. Instead we're left with hoping that the Flash movie turns out good and that the director realizes that Grant Gustin will always be the superior Barry Allen over Ezra Miller.

While this is the end for The Flash and our Arrowverse coverage, it's not the end yet for Super Tuesday Recap. Before we shut this show down we're going back to the beginning and are going to do a rewatch/review of Agents of SHIELD from the beginning. We'll be taking June off then will return in July to cover the first half of Season 1. So stay tuned. 

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