The Flash S7E7 Growing Pains Review


This episode could have really been called "You're not my Mom!" We're glad The Flash is addressing some of the small issues that we've just kinda ignored. The two big things:

  • The fact that the Speed Force picked Barry's mom as the image to present to him. It was always weird for Barry but he adjusted to it. But now with the Speed Force back, the force is clearly different and more nurturing and mother-like than it ever was. That clearly was going to have an affect on Barry and we're glad to see the show address it
  • Frost is a felon. We've been saying this for a while and it seems like the show is finally addressing this. They also made a point to clean up the fact that she never killed anyone. 

The fact that the show is addressing these things also makes us look at the things they suspiciously haven't addressed. Like where is the baby? Is it just that there's no need to remind us that Joe & Cecile have a child or is this part of a larger thing? Also...while its nice that the Speed Force is being all nurturing to Barry, still don't trust it.

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