The Flash S7E5 Review: Fear Me


Apparently the other Forces got together and jumped the Speed Force and beat it like it stole it stole money from them. The Flash is clearly taking elements from Williamson's run but are making changes to tell the story they want. The Speed Force getting beat down is definitely not from the books but hey, its keeping things interesting. We're wondering if on the show they're making the other forces emulate the emotional spectrum, kinda like what Geoff Johns did with Green Lantern. It also makes us even more skeptical of the original Wells coming back and if somehow he's also a product of one of the new forces.

Three things stand out to us specifically for this episode: 

  1. Cecile is becoming pretty powerful.This is the second episode where she's demonstrated that her powers can be a good thing (or scary if used wrongly)
  2. We're appreciative that they're bringing up the fact that Frost used to be "Killer Frost" and literally murdered people. Can't really sweep that under the rug
  3.  Where is the baby? Where is Joe & Cecile's baby? Is it just one of those things the show isn't show or is this part of a bigger plot that Crisis changed things. 

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