The Flash S6E7 Review – We Care About Bloodwork Now


Well...we spoke too soon last episode. This week The Flash made us care about Bloodwork. It's worth pointing out that Bloodwork is literally a throwaway villain from the recent comic run of Flash that was hardly memorable (The villain not the run...the run is great. Go read it). But this season the show has done a great job of not only building Ramsey up but having his motivate to cheat death tie so well into Barry's seeming acceptance of his. This episode shows us just how much doubt Barry still has and 

We also need to point out that this year, the Arrowverse has done a fantastic job with Arrow and Flash leading into the crossover. This year the big crossover is completely integrated into the storylines for both shows and it's something that we obviously feel the weight of. It's not taking away from the stories of either shows but enhancing them. Barry's doubt and Bloodwork taking advantage of that is helping put Barry in the mindset he needs to be for Crisis. When the fact that Crisis is only 2 days away, it makes it more real and makes this crossover feel like it's part of the overall story and not crammed in. 

This episode gave us the same vibe as The Runaway Dinosaur. It succeeds on multiple fronts (making us care about Bloodwork and getting us even more hype for Crisis). Only one more episode left until the biggest crossover ever.

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